Request for process flow

As I’ve described in an earlier message, I’m a relative noob at ART.

But I’m a “motivated” noob… :wink:

To those who are not noobish, I have a request:

Would you please provide a short summary of your processing pipeline?

Something like this?

Thank you in advance, I greatly appreciate your efforts.


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I can add the following to my original post:

Exposure - sometimes it needs to be adjusted. The goal is to have important parts in medium area. Then extremes can be handled in Tone Equalizer. Also if you have blown highlights then try various Hightlight reconstruction methods.

For noisy photos you’ll need to enable Noise Reduction in Details tab. Zoom to 100% (or even 200%) and try different settings. For medium noise I stay at defaults and for extra noise I increase Luminance slider.

White Balance - As Shot

Usually it works, but if not then adjust Temperature and/or Tint

For extra colors - enable Saturation/Vibrance.

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Thank you!

If I recall correctly in ‘Cambridge In Colour’, final sharpening is recommended as the last action before exporting your output-referred masterpiece. Point being that ‘output’ could be your monitor, a 40x60" print, a cellphone, na-ni-na …

As to contrast: it affects the histogram as does exposure. For example, if you have produced a perfect exposed-to -the-right image (contains levels from 0 to 255) by exposure/black level, increasing global contrast will cause clipping. On the other hand, if you have produced a perfect exposed-to -the-right image by increasing global contrast, changing the exposure will cause clipping.

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Hello @doobs,
If you have come across ART, I can assure you that you have found the most intensive raw developer.
My first and most important tip: stick with it, it’s worth it. ART is great!!!
Start with: Log Tone Mapping > Automaitic.
This is a very good start, even if it is sometime too much. Then simply reduce a little “White relative Exposure (Ev)" in Exposure.
I like to repeat: Keep at it, it’s worth it.


Thanks all.

I’ll post back how the process is going.

I’m not the sharpest tool in the drawer, this might take a little minute or two.