Requesting an account for translating to german

I want to help to translate rawpedia to german. I have requested an account using pxlcore as username. Thanks!!


Hi @pxlcore
Have you done similar work before? What is your experience with digital photography and specifically with RawTherapee?

Hi Morgan Hardwood,
yes I translated a lot of texts in the open source tool GLPI via Transifex. I’ve written a lot of documentations inside my company.
I am a landscape photographer working with Lightroom and my good old Canon 6D. I want to switch from Windows to Linux and am looking for good Lightroom alternatives. RawTherapee looks really good. First of all, I have to learn something about it. The RawPedia is a good starting point.
To get more people to RawTherapee a good documentations is necessary. This is why I wanna help translating RawPedia.

Greetings from Germany


@pxlcore welcome on board.
Shoot if you have questions.