Resetting crop to orginal

(Syv) #1

RT 5.4 on Manjaro.

Is there an easy way of resetting the crop to no crop for changing the crop.

I know about enabling and disabling the crop module/section but when I reenable it, it still has the old crop there.

I’d like to remove all the crop and I’d like to be back to the original (in raw) so I can choose another crop.



(Morgan Hardwood) #2

c + click on preview.

(Syv) #3

Didn’t work

When I press Ctrl-left click it shows the full image, but as soon as I release the mouse button, it goes back to the crop.




You don’t need the ctrl key. Just type the letter c then click in the preview. The crop will reset.

(Syv) #5


That worked :grinning: