Resize in export queue

Would be great to have a resize filter in the export queue to be able to export multiple previously adjusted images with a new size without needing to alter individual profiles. Also great to not saving resize options in the profiles.

Absolutely agree! Art does this nicely with a dropdown to select export profile.

I export all edited files for web 2048x2048 and full res. For me it’s conceptually wrong to have a resize as part of the image edit. For me the raw file and it’s pp3 is a sort of master file from which all other copies are exported. But the size is a property of the export not the master. I don’t resize the exported full res file in gimp or graphicsmagick which is more in line with how RT works.

I have a feeling I’m kind of doing it wrong as Rawtherapee feels set up for a different workflow. Not reading tags (exif subject, title, xmp face tagging etc) from xmp files or allowing “copies” with different settings are other examples of this. You have to treat the exported high res file as the master for the workflow to make sense. Otherwise you have to re tag all your files for each medium for instance.

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…maybe your need is in the file browser, right side, “Fast Export”
You can export any size you like, independent from profiles of the images