Resize to print



Can anyone explain to me how to resize a photo to print?
I have prepared a photo in raw. I changed to TIFF and saved. I open the TIFF in RawTherapee and I want to set the print size to 50 x 75 cm. I am not printing myself. I want to ready the file to take to the printing house.
Will anyone explain me step by step how to resize in cm?
Greetings from Poland.

(Morgan Hardwood) #2

Save the image at its full size in RawTherapee, open it in GIMP, click on Image > Print Size.


Ok, but gimp don’t accept TIFF 16 only 8, so trace on quality at the very start.


@hubertus75 Welcome to the forum! You would need GIMP 2.9.x (development version) to make full use of 16-bit files. Check out GIMP 2.9.5 AppImage (Linux) or @partha’s website (Windows or macOS).


Thanks a lot. It works!