Resize to print


Can anyone explain to me how to resize a photo to print?
I have prepared a photo in raw. I changed to TIFF and saved. I open the TIFF in RawTherapee and I want to set the print size to 50 x 75 cm. I am not printing myself. I want to ready the file to take to the printing house.
Will anyone explain me step by step how to resize in cm?
Greetings from Poland.

Save the image at its full size in RawTherapee, open it in GIMP, click on Image > Print Size.

Ok, but gimp don’t accept TIFF 16 only 8, so trace on quality at the very start.

@hubertus75 Welcome to the forum! You would need GIMP 2.9.x (development version) to make full use of 16-bit files. Check out GIMP AppImage (continuous integration) (Linux) or @partha’s website (Windows or macOS).

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Thanks a lot. It works!