Resolution of RawTherapee during processing



I am wondering if there’s any way to increase the resolution on screen during processing a raw image in RawTherapee? The image that I am looking at seems a bit blurry and looks quite different from the processed output in the end. I would like to see the real effect when I make an adjustment and it would be helpful if more vivid images could be used.

(Mica) #2

There are plus, minus, and 1:1 buttons located along the top edge of the application. The plus and minus look like magnifies glasses.

(Andrew) #3

Also the effect of the Sharpen tool is only displayed at 100% or more.



(Morgan Hardwood) #5


To keep the preview fast, RawTherapee uses the preview image of the current zoom level when applying these transformations. Because of this, the preview image can become soft. Lets assume you are editing a Nikon D700 image: 4256×2832px (that’s 12.1 megapixels), and the preview image’s size is 600x400px. Rotating it 5° will not be the same as rotating the full 12.1Mp image and then scaling it down to 600x400px. The former will be softer than the latter, though rotating the former will take less time than rotating the latter, which is why RawTherapee does that. But don’t worry, when saving the image RawTherapee uses the full resolution image, so it will be sharp. If you zoom the preview in, then RawTherapee will use this higher resolution preview image when calculating the transformation, so to see what the saved file will look like, just zoom in to 100% Gtk-zoom-100.png.

The reason you left these for last is that they may make the preview image appear blurry, because in order for the preview to be responsive, RawTherapee uses that very preview image you see at the very resolution you see - small - to show what the tools do, and when you rotate or otherwise change the geometry of a small image, there is a clear softening. This is not a problem when saving as by that point RawTherapee does its processing on the full-sized image, which is slow but of high quality.

(Morgan Hardwood) #6

An idea struck me that the “Fast export” feature could be hijacked to get a high quality preview fast:


The other thing you could do is always (but optionally) render the full resolution image after the low res preview, like how Filmulator currently does.


It occurred to me before. A button, or shortcut, would be a very nice feature to have.


That would be a very nice feature to have. I am currently doing the multiple export thing before I am satisfied with the result. Not handy and would definitely welcome some quick overview of high-resolution.

Does not even need to be in full resolution. I think just doubling the current resolution would be very good already.