Restoration of Defocused and Blurred Images

Whatup guys? Thought some folk might be interested in having a look at Vladimir Yuzhikov’s in depth article and program – have not tried as is win only

Restoration of defocused and blurred images. (Theory)

Part2. Restoration of defocused and blurred images. Practice. Vladimir Yuzhikov (Practice)


Nother soft; RobusttDeblur

Thanks Vitaly at PV


Some very impressive results


Yes, I saw this when it first came out. Long ago, I was quite voracious in finding literature and apps that dealt with camera shake and blur. However, I was never satisfied with the results and got a lot of anxiety trying to save poorly shot photos. I learned to accept them and moved on.

The interesting thing about SmartDeblur was that it provided an accessible demo that generated and applied a more sophisticated blur kernel than say Photoshop. The actual deblurring was slow and poor, so I took the kernel and used more robust apps to do the actual restoration.


Ay ay despite the salty watter I hear you… frelimo. Personally I find interesting the author’s own trip; experimenting, writting down the theory, and sharing (providing the means for a tool) with the rest of us worms in D rottening can; another quite different is that I would actually use this. I could melt your ears down of so much BS spat while reasoning on the subjective whys; from physiological to pure practical, but lets not :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

With the latest releases from the now widely recognized dark force imperium, I’m affraid the news are quite bad as technology’s been uniquively pushed forward… the abyss… not so many people understand how fundamentally importand aesthetics are; the way we look at things, they way we perceive (and define beauty) things… And so, the less we see and aknowledge the REAL(ity) that surround us with all its tiny annoyances and imperfections, the easier will be to entertain us, to fed us crappy tech while proffit skyrockets… for some greedy bastards. Long live the reign of the BUG!! Long live advances to unstability and the era of the UPDATE, lets all become clerks in a kafkian hell {sad alcoholic preacher mode off}

Fuck me… I just wanted to say hi @afre je je je… gonna eat somethin’ =)

@chroma_ghost Sometimes I am like TLDR but since it is ghost I will read it anyway. Your logorrhea might need some refocusing :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.

I agree with what you said about enjoying the process that one (or a community) goes through to conceive and implement something, and of course the colorful arguments and divisions they have :imp:. Actually that has been what has led me to have an interest in FOSS (and otherwise), and keep tabs on projects of all kinds via forums, mailing lists and change logs. Weird hobby to have but it is all very fascinating.

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Am I the only one who thought this was impossible? At least not on the scale of that first image.

@Reptorian Well, it is much easier to do when the blur and noise is known, synthetic and uniform; and you have the unmarred version.

It took them 12 hours!?!

So they got paid about $40/hr in bitcoins each. Good or bad? Will they use this money for good, like give it to FOSS, or bad, like a million other things people might do with cryptocurrencies?