Restoring detail to highlights in old photo?

I’m trying to restore highlight details in an old color photo, using GIMP. The original also had severe color distortion, aka too much cyan. So now, I have two versions. One where I mostly won the color battle. The other with facial detail. Is there some way I can apply the details (contrast and luminosity) of the top image shown here, to the color version?
ladies only contrast color

Something like this?


I didn’t want to overdo it :slight_smile:
My swift “solution” is two layers in The Gimp.
color version on top, bw below.
Change mix mode/opacity on top layer until you are happy. Example: Hard light/32%.

I am certain that there are lots of other possibilities, like using Gimp-g’mic…

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden

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Liek this?
recolor serious attempt

j/k, maybe something like this?

I used three layers in GIMP. The bottom one is the detail-rich near-b/w version, the other two are copies of the colored-in version. The color layers are both set to 100% opacity; the middle layer is set to HSV-hue, the top layer to LCh-color.

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In GIMP I decomposed to wavelets, and moved the colour layer to cover the detail in the upper.

Thanks for the replies! Here’s what I did: I put the desaturated version on top, since I visualized it working as a kind of mask. Then I went into Mode, all the way near the bottom, to Luminance. Finally, I set the top desaturated layer to opacity about 66% just because it looked good.
desat-on-top-mode to Luminance-66-percent


A little fun in GIMP L-a-b

Pinging @Iain.

Since you have a couple jpegs, YCbCr would probably do well enough in most cases.
gmic img1.jpg img2.jpg to_rgb rgb2ycbcr channels. 0 j[0] . k[0] ycbcr2rgb

You can almost certainly achieve better results without having to split and combine in the first place, but that’s a different approach I can’t help with.


I like what you got!
However, I googled “GIMP ybcr” and got nothing. I did find ybcr associated with G’MIC!
I’ll tinker with that next time I’m in GIMP; G’MIC is of course installed.