Retime node weaknesses

It seems that the retime node has two quite big weaknesses.
The final amount of frames are not automatically calculated, it seems.

And parrallel rendering can mess it up.

Can someone confirm these?
It’s probably really difficult to confirm the parrallel rendering bit, but after several days of having trouble with a timestretched, post merge saving of a sequence with a write and loading it elsewhere.
With certain frames not rendering correctly/at all, even after deleting all the caches, adding more caches, anything to help out the final result stability.

What fixed it was setting parralel rendering to 1.
I took a look at the log of the writer, and it showed that frames were out of sequence, which I can understand in a parrallel process, but sometimes some frames would not render.

The job then would stall at this or that percentage.

Restarting it with ‘overwrite’ unchecked also didn’t really help.
Only setting it to ‘only do one render task at time’ (which I assume is what parrallel rendering = 1 means) it went okay.

This issue only cropped up for me at time stretch, I have not been able to see it with time speedup, or reversal, but that does not mean it is impossible to happen there, I just could not produce it.

But that 'double the length of this clip by setting the length to 0.5, from 20 to 40 (or 39…as it turned out) frames…that was consistently buggy.

That’s really the worst part, though.
The fact that it does not automatically calculate the final amount of frames is annoying but workable.
I guess so is the other issue by setting parrallel to 1…but, that impacts every other render job, too.