Retrieve the original paths from external media

How nice it would be if I could somehow read the original paths from external albums. I have collections on different disks. Of course with different directory names. But it’s sometimes hard to find the right disk, because you can’t see which one it was. Is there a solution for this?

Label the disks (physically, I mean)?
As far as I know, collection and album names are directory names

I do not have complete disks as albums, just single direcories.
Looks like this in the collection overview.

Same stuff is in the album-tree. But there is no way to find out which of the external media should I plug in. (I have more than one And I do not remember which dir is on which external disk.)
It would be easy if in that overview list it were indicated which disk/ dir it is. Maybe greyed out if not available or so.
Or if via right-click in the album-tree.