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I have to retag thousands of images, some of them have sub-tags or overlapping tags and now i’m looking for a way to filter (“hide”) images based on a tag. Is there a way to do “reverse tag filtering” like i select a tag in the filter menu and it shows me all the pictures without that tag? I couln’t find anything like that. I’m on 7.1.0.

Thanks in advance

You definitely can do it with filters (right side-bar menu) where there’s either some menu to invert the selection or you can right-click on the tag and select that you want it inverted - don’t remember.

In the tag view of the left side-bar I am not aware of such a possibility. You can however select all tags and then unselect the tag you don’t want, giving you the same result (admittedly with a few more clicks).

I should have been more precise i think:

I have a tag structure like this.

-Subtag 1
–Child1_tag 1
–Child1_tag 2
-Subtag 2
–Child2_tag 1
–Child2_tag 2

I have pictures tagged with Subtag 1 as well as Child1_tag 1 but i also have pictures that are only tagged with Child1_tag 1. What i want now is a filter to show me all pictures tagged with Child1_tag 1 but NOT the pictures that have Subtag 1 AND Child1_tag 1.

Or the other way around, show me all pictures with Subtag 1 but not the pictures with Child1_tag 1 and Subtag 1.

It just took me way too long to find it. That’s really digikam’s flaw: There’s almost nothing it cannot do, but it’s often hard to find how:
Select Child1_tag 1 in the left sidebar. Then open Filters in the right toolbar. Right-click on Subtag 1 and in “Tag Filter Mode” choose “Must Not Have This Tag”.

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This is it! Thank you!