Reverting to older version of Darktable

Good morning all from Western Australia.This is my first visit and I am eager to find an avenue to revert from Darktable 4.0 to version 3.6.
I do not like the changes in this version and wish to return to my previous layout.
Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

Is it the layout or the functions of the tools you do not like?

Thanks for your reply but it is not relevant. The whole thing has changed too much and if I cannot get back to 3.6 I will move away from darktable completely. I’ve had enough of the creators believing that we are all scientists.

You can uninstall v4, install v3.6, and restore your database, which the upgrade backed up.
Look in your darktable configuration directory (Linux: ~/.config/darktable, Windows: <profile>\AppData\Local\darktable, Mac: no idea). You’ll find files like data.db-pre-4.0 and library.db-pre-4.0, and possibly others. Pick the ones that have your 3.6 data. Copy those files to data.db and library.db, respectively.
XMP files (sidecars) for images that you opened with 4.0 will not be readable with 3.6, but, as long as you have the data in the database, you should be OK. Otherwise, you’ll have to restore XMP files from a backup (which you hopefully have).

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Going backwards on an install is easy and kofa has explained it well. If you need more help just ask.

Thank you, I’ll look at it.

Thanks for that. I’ll try to sort it but unfortunately I only have 3.8.1 listed. I will use that and see.

data.db-pre-3.8.1 is from the version from before 3.8.1; if that was 3.6, that’s the file (and its library- counterpart) that you are looking for. Check the last modification date, though.

And if you decide to part way with darktable, I’m sure you’ll find a good alternative. There are so many applications nowadays, both free and commercial.