[RFE] Toggle current mask layer off / on

It would be really handy to be able to toggle the current (local adjustment) mask layer off and on via a keyboard shortcut. I know I can click the checkbox, but (e.g.) when using a brush mask I have to turn draw mode off, so having a quick way to toggle the adjustment would be handy.

Also, as long as I’m asking :slight_smile: being able to show / hide the (yellow) mask with a keyboard toggle would be great.



I’ll see what I can do.

Try with Ctrl+M. Note though that they keyboard focus must be on the relevant tool panel for this to work (e.g. one way to ensure it is to click on one of the adjustments once with the mouse)



Ctrl+M does work – Is that documented somewhere? Or is it just the equivalent of hitting Enter on the control? I find I need that functionality most when I’m editing a brush mask. It’s convenient to toggle the visibility off and on when the mask covers a lot of the image.

I also noticed (on my Windows system at least) holding down right Alt will display the shadow clipping indicator. It’ll stay visible until the mouse is moved. Not sure if that’s intentional or not, but here at least, it works (in addition to < and >).


I don’t think so – but you can fix that! :slight_smile:

Is it a specific keystroke or just a byproduct of some the GUI implementation? I.e., does Ctrl+M work elsewhere for anything else?


No, iirc it was specifically added for “show mask”. It should work everywhere in the tool for which you want to show the mask (that is, as long as the tool’s panel has the keyboard focus)

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It’s documented, in the shortcuts chart and the reference I (more or less) wrote. I also added a couple of sentences to the reference. A few months ago I found what seemed at the time a fairly obvious typo, but I can’t find it now, so whatever… :smiley:

As with last time, I tried doing a push but got an access denied error. It’s just three files, in this zip:

updates.zip (30.1 KB)


The png goes in the reference-pics subdirectory.


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sorry for the delay, it should be up now. Thanks again!

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By the way, I just now noticed this line on the keyboard shortcuts list:

Note: This table is automatically generated from the ART resource file. You are kindly invited to provide feedback to improve it.

Did I edit the wrong file? Should I have edited something in the source instead?

IIRC the page was created by @Daniel_Catalina . If he’s still around maybe he will chime in…

Not a fresh memory, but the script I created long time ago will parse the resource file and generate the list. As long as no changes where done to the format it should work :wink:

If the script is still used, than the changes should not be done directly in the .md files as they will not be taken in account by the next script run.
@agriggio should know better if currently the build system runs the script to generate the shorcuts.md file.

Actually, I don’t remember having ever integrated the script in the automated build… In fact, I’m not even sure I have the script :flushed: @Daniel_Catalina do you still have it somewhere perhaps?