RGB Split Channel for a seq of images

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I want to know how to split RGB channel of a sequnces images and save the result for each channel using SIRIL? I only found the splitting channel of single image on Image Processing>Extraction>Split Channels…

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Hello, if you want to do it for a sequence, maybe you want to extract the CFA channels instead? In that case, see the Split CFA Channels operation in the CFA split tool, or the corresponding command. You may also want to use the Ha or combined Ha-OIII extraction from CFA if you have such a filter.

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I open a seq of JPEG file and convert its to FITS. But, I can not use seqsplit_cfa. I open a single JPG file but I can not split CFA too.

CFA is not what you needed then. I don’t think siril has what you want because it’s useful only for the result in general, not for the sequence.

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I can use 'split r g b ’ for a single image. Hopefully, next there is ‘seqsplit r g b’ for splitting a seq. of image.

Until this happens, you can always use this python script to make a command that is not normally available as a command for a sequence work for a sequence: Siril - Automating with pySiril

Thank you…
This is very useful for me. :slight_smile: