RL deconvolution


I am confused by an inconsistency between the Detail tab in RT (5.3) itself and the description in the Rawpedia. The latter mentions RL deconvolution: radius, iterations and damping. But I don’t find a Deconvolution subheading under the Detail tab. The term ‘Iterations’ occurs, together with ‘Quantity’, under ‘Edges’. That would never be the code name for deconvolution?
Thank you for your reply.

(Alberto) #2

hi @hening,
rl deconvolution is one of the two sharpening methods, it’s the first tool in the detail tab


(Ingo Weyrich) #3



Thanks to the both of you! I overlooked the little triangle indicating the drop down menu, of which USM is the first menu item.

(Stefan Chirila) #5

I wish it weren’t one of two options. Would be nice to be able to apply both :stuck_out_tongue:

(AlLegro) #6

It is possible to apply both. Just choose one from “Detail” tab, the second from “Transform” --> “Post-resize sharpening”.