Robust Camera Tethering & Processing Pipeline

Hello everyone,

We are building cross polarized photommetric stereo system with software to capture PBR textures and seamlessly tile them.

Currently we use Fuji 50S with custom code for API to tether (live view + focus), darktable to create profiles (sidecars) and then darktable CLI to process coming RAW images.

We would love to make software more robust to support many more cameras, especially flagships with many mpix (Fuji, Canon, Sony, Nikon, Phase etc.) and have correct color pipeline with automatic calibration based on color checker.

I would love to ask what libraries would you suggest to use to implement whole pipeline (live view, focus, triggering, calibration, streaming, processing) in the most robust and efficient way and have as accurate color.

Thank you very much.

Hi and welcome.

Currently libgphoto2 handles the camera and capture parts of both darktable and Entangle. I’m not aware of another library that does this.

As far as the color target support in darktable, I am not aware of another program that implements this functionality in a similar way. You could make a dcp or ICC profile using dcamprof and argyllcms I suppose. It really depends on the exact workflow you want, what the lighting is like, etc etc.

I have read this here on the forum, but then also received an email from Jakub, not as a private message, and not via the email address I registered here (the address is not visible on the site), but on another address. It was not indicated where he got that other address from, but I found it a bit excessive.


Thank you very much paperdigits - libgphoto2 sounds indeed like the library to use. We have used digicamcontrol as well - however this particular one does not support Fuji cameras.