Roman Steps above Cwm Bychan

Daktable 4.2.0
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Ah! Eryri, yng Nghymru! :heart: :wales:

Ah! Eryri, yng Nghymru!

I read this as someone trying to speak while trying to swallow his beer.

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RawTherapee 5.9
With Retinex and symmetrical Automatic Color Appearance:

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Yes! dwy’n siarad tipyn gymraeg.

My version…

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Lovely photograph!
My play in GIMP - only subtle changes. I have tried to put a little more life into the water. I think water always deserves special treatment. Other than that, very slight changes to brightness, contrast and saturation.

Beautiful little stone footbridge over the brook.
BTW “brook” sounds very similar to the German word “Brücke” = bridge, so for many years I thought this was the correct translation :shushing_face:

RT 5.9 dev

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Very nice photo. dt 4.2

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Such a perfect photo. I have nothing to add.

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This is a beautiful shot and I resist the temptation to do anything more than my standard processing techniques. I did note that I had to tame the black relative exposure slider in filmic as the automatic adjustment made the shadows unrealistically dark.

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Thanks for posting
darktable 4.2

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Ah, memories. I did my doctorate near there.

A place where weather forecasting was easy. If you couldn’t see the mountains, then it was raining. If you could see the mountains, then it was going to rain.


My attempt (dt 4.2)

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ART 1.18.1
Greetings. Roberto


Tried for a cinematic color palette. RawTherapee.
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Darktable 4.2
Went with a more moody, muted look

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darktable 4.20 | My attempt
DSC08794.ARW.xmp (8,6 Ko)

In RT-5.9, Environmental Architecture. No hint of direct sunlight.

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Beautiful image. RT5.9

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