Rotating & cropping

I cannot locate any option to crop without more than one border (side) of a photo being reduced at the same time. I want to be able to move each side in and out one at a time, and save the photo without automated post-cropping borders. The same is true of rotating a photo. Therapee automatically creates new borders that cut the photo down so no angles can be seen after rotating. I want to have the sides be visible out to the corners of the rotated photo, which I know will leave white space where the angles are. I then want to be able to move each side individually to determine for myself where the center of the image will be, which may or may not include some of the white area created after rotating it. Can Therapee do this, or can Therapee be updated so rotating and cropping (all functions) are entirely customizable and automatic editing features can be turned off by the user? Thank you.

Hi & welcome!

Perhaps this can help:

For rotation, you have to disable “Auto-fill” in Lens geometry (if I understood what you mean)
For cropping, I think is not possible (maybe)

As said above you have to deselect auto-fill.
In crop you have to deselect fixed ratio.
Then each side can be moved in the limits of the canvas.
For rotation and perspective correction, the image is cropped by the limits of the canvas that cannot be resized. That is a limitation (or if you prefer a defect) that I hope will be corrected perhaps with improvement of prespective correction see