Roto node set color bug

Hi, has anyone tried to create multiple roto layers and set different colors (RGB) to each? Does it pop back to white and yellow all the time?

Hi, can you be more precise on what you’re after.

On my side (win10 Natron 2.4.3:
I can have multiple roto shapes each with an outline color and a painting color that are persistent even after reloading the project.

Layers don’t have color. I think in Natron they just help organising rotoshapes in the properties window. They don’t hold transform either

Hi can you see if this is happening to you as well?

Behavior is the same here

you have to close the color picker before you change rotoshape selection. Because the color “jump” actually happens at that moment.
Click the color swatch in the rotoshapes list rather than the top part of the properties (probably because you are forced to close it)

I hadn’t noticed that before. Would be nice if you take time to fill an issue on github.