Roy Lichtenstein Filter?

Just out of curiosity: Is there a filter that resembles a Roy Lichtenstein, see, e.g. Roy Lichtenstein - Wikipedia. Thanks.

Moinchen, Helmut!

Search for

Lichtenstein Gimp

on duckduckgo, and you will
find some suggestions.

Claes in Lund, Schweden

I don’t think so.
There are some filters for color quantization and halftoning, but I’m not sure how to use them to get something close.

Getting a good Lichtenstein effect is mostly manual work - you need a really bold outline with closed areas, then you can fill those in with patterns. Most associate Lichtenstein just with rasterization, but there is much more to it. He used a lot of screen printing but mixed up the techniques how each screen was created. From flat colors to patterns to rasterization dots.

I doubt anything but a specially trained machine learning algo does have a decent chance of getting a plausible result.

Have you already tried: Cprogrammer-Roy-Richtenstein.scm?


No, I have not seen that it seems. Thanks a lot, @MrQ

Danke nach Schweden, @Claes !

Not G’MIC, but the Newsprint GIMP plugin (under distorts) does sort of an alright job with Lichtenstein like result if you choose dot and CMYK. Below’s link to a tribute I recently did for Bob Barker. :slight_smile: