RPD + NAS (samba)

Is it possible to use a NAS (samba) with RPD (Destination or bckp) ?

Users report success, but historically some people have run into trouble when they have not set up their NAS correctly. If their NAS cannot cope with lots of file copy operations in rapid succession then problems arise. If however you set it up okay then it should just work.

RPD doesn’t show the network in the filesystem inside RPD. The NAS works perfectly with others software (darktable, gimp, capture one, photoshop, etc) & in 3 OS, with Samba. I

Mount the network share somewhere, e.g. your home directory.

I had to use cifs which is outdated & 10 times slower that samba. RPD is the only software that i use which doesn’t see samba. A software which aim to download files from memory card, using the slower protocol, is not a good thing

You’re likely mounting your samba share via gvfs, which is only visible to other apps using gvfs. RPD doesn’t use gvfs.

If you mount the samba share using the mount command from the terminal, to a place where your user has read/write permissions, RPD will be able to see it.

I don’t use gvfs & RPD needs the mount -cifs to see the share

You may not use it personally, but most if not all Gnome programs do use GVFS, e.g. , Files (Nautilus). GVFS is also used by some other Linux desktops, e.g. LXQt.

KDE programs do not use GVFS.

Rapid Photo Downloader does not care how you mount the device, as long as it can access it and the mount can handle the throughput.

If there is no way to mount an SMB 2 / 3 share on the command line without using cifs that is a limitation in the broader Linux ecosystem, not Rapid Photo Downloader.

If you want to see Rapid Photo Downloader support GVFS directly then that is another matter. That will require a developer implement it, or sponsorship for me to do it. If you are serious about seeing it implemented then organize the support for it.

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Gvfs is not installed on my xfce computer. The samba server on the nas is the version 2 & i can mount it with the command smb:ip. client min protocol = smb2 is set, in smb.conf. Darktable, Gimp,… see it

Where precisely are you mounting it?
XFCE uses GVFS as an optional dependency.

I’m sorry to bother you. I use 3 differents ubuntu studio installation, I confuse the 3. 2 are without gvfs, the one that i use with RPD, is installed with gvfs. I have no time (& money, since 2 years, it’s a hard time for a commercial photographer!) to wait & to devote to an implementation of gvfs. It already exist in Darktable which I use & it does the same thing that i need. The backup will be done by the NAS.

GVFS is the gnome virtual filesystem. RPD is written in QT. If you can mount the share from the terminal, you should be good to go.

If you want more specific help, please outline step by step what you’re doing now.

My set up is a workstation with 3 ubuntu studio 20.04/xfce, one with Darktable, gimp 2.99 & without others software packages not devoted to photography, the 2 others are devoted to sound/video or photogrammetry (Colmap+meshlab+cuda). I avoid kde/qt based softwares, plasma has some conflicts with thunar, & color calibration related softwares. The lowlatency kernel is useful with gimp + xp-pen tablet (no retouching’s latency), as in sound, video & photogrammetry. I use 2 nvidia graphic cards in depth 30 (10 bits) & 2 monitors. Only xfce works with 2 graphic cards & 2 monitors + different calibration to each monitors. The NAS use openmediavault. I can mount in terminal, the samba share with smb:ip, the fastest but not visible in RPD & with mount -cifs, visible in RPD, but 10 times slower. I use a switch in 1000 baseT. With darktable, i can reach the share at the fastest speed, not with RPD.

If you’re all Linux, why not use NFS if you’re concerned with performance?

I have a window 10 computer in the studio linked to the switch for instant backup & a macbookpro used on location to tether the phase one camera. Clients are not confident with Linux. Capture one only works on win & osx. I don’t know well NFS too, I shall had to learn this protocol.

Only windows can’t do NFS :slight_smile:

How precisely are you mounting the share? With a command in /etc/fstab? Share the exact mechanism. Keep in mind I’ve probably not seen it before. command smb:ip doesn’t mean much to anyone who has not used it themselves.

Sorry! I’m in Belgium, jet lag, a little bit exhausted at the end of the day. As i’m in xfce, thunar is the file manager. In terminal, i do " thunar smb: //" (it’s the ip choosen for the nas). Files & directories ownership & permissions are set in the NAS (openmediavault).

NFS is a Sun protocol. I’m not sure, but it seems that is possible in windows. As I said, I had to learn it. The nightmare is osx. With 3 differents OS, i have to learn to use the 3… Linux is fun!

Not for macos, its pretty much the same as it is on Linux: How to access to a Linux NFS share on Mac OSX | Flame Products 2018 | Autodesk Knowledge Network

For windows, apparently it is also possible: https://graspingtech.com/mount-nfs-share-windows-10/

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