RPi OS and Filmulator?

I’ve been wanting to try Filmulator for awhile now and can’t seem to get the AppImage to run on my RPi OS (RPi 4 8g- 64bit Beta OS). Is Filmulator not able to run on RPi OS? Or, am I doing something wrong? After making the AppImage executable I double click to run and nothing happens.

My computer skills and knowledge are on the low end, but am good at reading/ following directions. I’ve been running the Beta 64bit OS for about a year now and use DarkTable for my photo editing. Any help/ ideas for getting Filmulator up and running on my system is greatly appreciated.


Is the AppImage built for the Pi, and not for a PC? It’s not enough that they both run Linux.

That’s what I was wondering. I haven’t seen compatibility mentioned, and I don’t know enough technical stuff to dig in and see for myself without guidance. I had downloaded the version that said for Linux no PC.


I am pretty sure the appimage is x86 and not ARM, thus not working.

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Linux is an operating system that runs on different kinds of computers, from Android phones to mainframes. You cannot take a Linux package built for one platform and run out on another (and it’s the same for Windows: a software package built for Windows running on x86 (standard PC) won’t work on a machine running Windows on ARM.

While one could most probably build Filmulator for the Pi, I doubt it’d be a joy to use.


My Pi4 8g RAM with the 64 bit OS runs DarkTable just fine. Why would Filmulator be much different? I put Darktable on my wife’s Mac Mini and it runs, as close as I can tell, the same…but, I’m also not doing very intensive photo editing. Hence, my interest in Filmulator. It sounds like what I am looking for in an editing program.


I think Filmulator can be built for ARM, but I don’t have any premade builds.

I’ll have to look into setting up such a build in CI.

(once I actually finish the latest change which is taking quite a while)

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In a related matter, I did once manage to run hdrmerge Docker Hub on a pi3. I have yet to try something like this on an 8gb pi4. My filmulator image is amd64, which may be portable to arm7 or 8 with some work.

OK, sorry. I have a couple of Pis here, but never tried anything serious with them. I based my opinion on my old Core2 Duo setup, which required significant patience with both Filmulator and darktable. Its performance is comparable to the Pi4, which, I think, would be slower if swap ever got into the question (but with the 8 GB model, that may not be an issue - mine are older boards).

It’s just a matter of whether or not someone has actually built it for that platform or not, since most prepackaged builds are done by a volunteer.

arm64 is much more niche than amd64 - for example I personally love the flexibility of Pis but never really run them as anything but headless embedded tools.

I enjoy the challenge to see how it all works out. I’m pleasantly surprised at how well the Pi and 64b OS have been working for what I do. If I had the knowledge to tackle the build for arm64 I would give it a try…however, I’m a little lacking. I’m definitely going to keep following this and try to participate as much as I can.