RT 4.2.1 and new cameras

Howdy folks, right now I am stuck using Mac 10.8 and have RT4.2.1 installed. I believe this is the latest RT version for my old OS. Processing my 6D files is no problem, but I occasionally need to edit files from newer cameras and things go bad. I have some screenshots but guess I have to start the thread before uploading them.

Sorry, but version 4.2.1 is pretty old and will not receive support from newer cameras.

What is holding you on Mac OS X 10.8?

First, top row is my 6D in file browser, second row is from the editor. You can see that the file on the left has had the default profile/adjustments made. It has lowered the exposure but the file looks great.

Next, is the same set up with a Sony A7III file. Top row shows good color but once the raw is processed it is garbage.

Both examples above are with the neutral processing profile. I tried others (pop, natural, etc) with expected changes in the 6D and similar bad results with the Sony.

I first attempted this a month or so ago and was able to get almost acceptable results by changing black point, white point and all kinds of other settings, but could never get it quite there.

I did read a lot about RT and had some ideas about how I could get going with it but that was a month ago and I won’t embarrass myself guessing what is going on.

so what’s going on here?

Well, I had a feeling. Just didn’t know if there was a way to get closer or develop my own profile?

I have an older version of the Adobe Creative Suite that I would like to keep using for the time being, so I am stuck at 10.8. I use Capture One for all of my raw conversions and it is a newer version than Adobe CS, but the latest cameras are not supported there either.

I don’t think the A7III is supported in that version, which is why you get the weird colors.

Perhaps you can try a newer version of RT in a virtual machine. Or perhaps update Mac OS and put your 10.8 install in a VM.

I have a complex plan to get to a higher OS but my machine still won’t go to the latest Mac OS. I think 10.11 is the latest I can run. I’ve maxed out this mac, but it still runs fine for most tasks.

10.9 should be able to run rt 5.6

I was getting ready to go look at system requrements. Is 5.6 the latest and greatest?

Yes, it is.

Awesome, thanks for the help you two.

I think that my Adobe CS should run in 10.9 so that would be the simplest path for now.


yup, i was just on the download page checking it out.

it’s freakin’ awesome you all maintain support for the older OS. Going to get started cloning my internal drive ASAP.


It’s had limited testing below 10.11, which I recommend having.