RT 5.1 crashing - mostly on zoom

(Sebastien Guyader) #21

It should be under C:\Program Files\Rawtherapee\5.2\
It’s there on my system, after I have installed it from the same package as you downloaded. See the screenshot below:

(gdb.exe is there as well, but it’s hidden from the shown list).

(Karlheinz Lehmann) #22

I confirm, it is there in that package …


I reinstalled the v5.2 (from the alternative link, provided above) and the gdb.exe file is definitely not present in the 5.2 folder.

(Morgan Hardwood) #24

Did you really install into C:\Users\tp?


I installed 5.2 today, downloaded from


It includes the debug .exe but not gdb.

(Morgan Hardwood) #26

I installed http://rawtherapee.com/releases_head/windows/RawTherapee_5.2_WinVista_64.zip on a clean system (actually in a clean wine prefix in Linux),
it installed by default to C:\Program Files\RawTherapee\5.2
The folder contains rawtherapee-debug.exe but does not contain gdb.exe

@sguyader could you please provide a link to a compatible version of GDB so that @porchard can download it?

(Sebastien Guyader) #27

Oops I’m sorry, I don’t know why InnoSetup didn’t pick gdb.exe to produce the installer.
Here’s a zip containing just gdb.exe: https://filebin.net/naf3bjp014vrqgk5

Extract it where rawtherapee-debug.exe is.

I’ll make a new installer with gdb.exe included.

(Sebastien Guyader) #28

@Morgan_Hardwood here’s a new package, now with gdb.exe inside: https://filebin.net/0a6orq3gmrn8qqim


No, sorry… my mistake. After I had opened a cmd box and tried a couple of times without success to run the gdb.exe command, I then re-opened the cmd box to run the command again, this time for the purpose of generating the command line text again, in order to paste it here. On that occasion, I must have forgotten to navigate to the 5.2 folder… :roll_eyes: However, originally, I definitely did run it from the 5.2 folder.

I’ll download @sguyader’s gdb.exe file, and try again. Thanks to everyone for your continued help with this.

(Sebastien Guyader) #30

@porchard a small tip, to open a command prompt in the 5.2 folder, you can also navigate to C:\Programs\Ratherapee, then right mouse click on the 5.2 folder while pressing the shift key at the same time, you’ll see in the context menu a line with something like “open a command prompt in this folder”.


@sguyader Excellent, thanks…!

Despite all the years I’ve been using Windows, I’d never noticed that! :roll_eyes:

(Morgan Hardwood) #32

@sguyader thank you, the new build is live:

Note that AboutThisBuild.txt in the zip said that it was a debug build, but I verified that it contains both release and debug executables (and gdb.exe). I edited AboutThisBuild accordingly.

(Sebastien Guyader) #33

Regarding AboutThisBuild.txt it’s a mistake: I had started to recompile RT, starting with the Debug build, but stopped the process to just repackage the already built binaries. Thus, the AboutThisBuild.txt was that of the unfinished Debug build.
But in regular building processes, the correct Release version of AboutThisBuild.txt is produced and picked by the packaging script.


Ok… this is frustrating! I’ve been running RT under gdb.exe as described above, and despite trying (many times over) absolutely everything which caused RT to crash before, I just can’t make it crash now. :confused:

Is there any other useful course of action?

(Sebastien Guyader) #35

I don’t know… But if running the debug build from gdb doesn’t slow down your workflow too much, keep doing that, it may finally crash at some point.


Ok, thanks. It does make it much slower, but I’ll keep going with it.

I’ll post again if/when it does crash again, but on the evidence from yesterday, it might be some time.


Me neither ! Thanks @sguyader :slight_smile:


Ok - yet more frustration.

After hours of trying (and failing) to make RT crash when running under gdb.exe, I reverted to running RT normally. I opened a raw file, and it crashed within probably less than a minute of opening the file. So short was the time-scale for this, that I remembered everything that I’d done with that image file.

I then opened RT under gdb.exe again, opened the same raw file, and carried out the same operations… it ran perfectly, with NO CRASH. :confused:

Any more suggestions?

(Morgan Hardwood) #39

It’s nothing unusual, because “debug” builds do some things differently to “release” builds.

Two things you could try:

  1. You could try a “relwithdebinfo” build if @sguyader is up to the task of making one.
  2. You could try running the “release” build through GDB just as you did the “debug” build. If it crashes the output won’t be as useful, but maybe we get lucky.


Not helpful in any way, but maybe interesting: you’re experiencing a heisenbug.