RT 5.10 opens only preview .tif files of phase one P25 IIQ L files

Hello all,
I tried to find an answer to my problem on the forum / Net but to no avail.

I take images with a Hasselblad H1 and Phase One P25 back.
The capture format is IIQ-L.
When I copy the files to the computer (Macbook Pro macOS Sonoma & Thinkpad W530 Windows 10), they are in the format xxxxxxxx.tif

When I open them in RT5.10 it looks like it opens only a “preview” with very very low resolution at 700% zoom. Viewing the file at 100% shows a small (stamp-size) image only.
This happens on Windows and Mac.
I tried to remove / add options in ‘File Browser’ but to no avail.

Capture One Pro opens them correctly but IrfanView also only seems to see the ‘preview’…

Has anyone had this problem, knows a solution or could suggest something I could try?

Thank you all.

Unfortunately that’s a pretty rare/uncommon camera. There are no samples available at https://raw.pixls.us/ for that specific Phase One model.

If you can upload sample files to RPU that would be greatly beneficial for multiple developers.

Internal LibRaw by Lawrence37 · Pull Request #6887 · Beep6581/RawTherapee · GitHub once merged might help

A short term workaround might be pyimageconvert/libraw2dng.py at master · Entropy512/pyimageconvert · GitHub to convert the files to DNG

Hello Andy,
thanks a million for your message, much appreciated.

I will take some pictures with the P25 (both IIQ-L and IIQ-S format) and upload them during the week.

Kind regards,

There are samples for the P25+, not the same camera?

Have you tried ART and/or darktable?

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Whoops, I didn’t realize that the default ordering appears to be by time, not camera name.

So yeah, there are already samples. I’ll poke at them later today.

Btw, the MakerNote is the main image.

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Interesting… That’s, um… nonstandard.

I won’t actually poke at this until next week due to the holiday in the US.

Hi again Andy,
wishing you a 'Happy Holiday" :slight_smile:

I just uploaded 2 files from the P25 to raw.pixls.us, one in IIQ L format and the other IIQ S.

I hope they’ll be of some use.
If there is any need for more examples, just let me know.

BTW, I also have a P45+ back; if there is any need for examples of that camera, please let me know.

Thank you for trying to help.

@LebedevRI needs to approve them before they show up.

They’re not in the database, so, yes, please. (Assuming there might be a difference to the existing P45 model samples.)

Hello kmilos,

I just uploaded two P45+ files (IIQ-L and IIQ-S).

AFAIK, the Non-Plus files do differ from the Plus files but perhaps only for long-exposures.
If these two files are deemed to be just like P45 (non-plus) versions, I could take some long exposure ones…


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@kmilos @CarpeDiem007 i’ve just verified a 2-sample sets from P25 and P45+.
Thank you for contributing the sample sets!

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The P25 .TIF does not load w/ RawSpeed either, while the P45 .TIF does. The P25+ and P45+ .IIQ are fine.