RT 5.4 Performance optimizations?

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Especially in METM (using multiple tabs with one editor per tab) the rt gui can get really slow on Windows

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How do I get deletin’ these stuff, my friend?

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Trying the solutions first before screencasting, as my internet speed is 512k upstream, so it’ll take forever and a half before anything’s up.

Will do if nothing fixes it, however.

EDIT: Forum’s not allowing me to post any new posts now because I’m a newb. So you’ll have to wait a day for my lovely replies.

But, I can say this:

5.4 is using 95% of my CPU now when opening a picture. It’s impossible to use, actually. Very odd.

EDIT 2: Don’t know if you can still read me, Houston, but 5.0 R1 GTK2 is BLAZING fast. I did delete the lensfun stuff before I could get it to work, though, so I’m going to try to run 5.4 now and see if it’s made a difference there as well.

EDIT 3: Got 5.0 R1 GTK2 and 5.4 running. 5.0 R1 GTK2 is significantly faster, but it’s a 32-bit build. I will attempt to build manually for my system using GTK2 64bit setup.

(Ingo Weyrich) #26

First locate your lensfun directory. There are a lot of camera and lens files. Delete the ones, which are not relevant to your processing:

At next start of RT they won’t appear in the lensfun comboboxes, which should speed up the gui.


some time ago I opened a topic about compiling RT under windows because I also had problem with RT speed.
It took about 30 seconds for it to open, and it was very laggy when switching tabs. All operations were realy slow.
I tried every solution I could find, but nothing worked. Compiling did speed the programm up, but only for few seconds.
Recently I discovered that my BIOS was in legacy mode, not in UEFI mode. When I managed to switch the system to Uefi mode, all my problems dissapeared, and RT now works smoothly and fast.
Maybe that is not the same thing that bothers OP, but if someone else have similar proplem with Windows, maybe it could be helpful.

(Roel) #28

I find this very hard to believe. Maybe I am wrong, but UEFI or legacy mode only concerns booting your system. It should have no effect on the speed of your OS itself, let alone a particular piece of software you run.


That’s what I thought also. But as soon as I switched to UEFI, RT started working 3 times faster. Now it opens in 4 seconds. And not only RT, one other programm I’m using is also few times faster now.
Maybe the problem was that I could not choose between EEFI and legacy, I first had to follow this procedure to enable UEFI.


I have a pre-UEFI system so I won’t be able to do anything in that area. Might be the same for @idillicah since our processor gens might be the same (almost 1 year apart).

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RT 5.4 runs much faster. Still sluggish but no more 12s wait times.