RT 5.5 doesnt run on Win 7


Runs on Win 10, error on Win 7

RawTherapee 5.5 is one week away
(Ingo Weyrich) #2

My own build runs fine on Win7.


OK I noticed the releases used to be zipped now you download the .exe, why is that


@dellaaa From where did you download the build?

Could you also try https://keybase.pub/gaaned92/RTW64NightlyBuilds/RawTherapee_releases_5.5-rc1_WinVista_64.zip on W7

On official site you download .exe files.
On my non official nightly download site the exe files are packed in a zip. it was a choice.

findings :

(Luca) #5

I have the same problem.
Actually I have the 5.4 (2018-03-20) that is working fine.
I downloaded the 5.5rc1 from the download page.
I installed it over the 5.4 and I had the same dellaaaa’s message.
I restored the 5.4 (just from a file backup), then I reinstalled the 5.5rc1 in a new dir. This time I got the same error mesage but after clicking (for closing) it several times I arrived to show RT. But it was not working because the message was continuosly appearing.

Then I tried to download and install your (gaaned92) build. Same again.
Then I tried the Carmelo’s portable 5.5rc1. Same error again.
Finally I sadly went back to 5.4.

Comparing 5.5 with 5.4, the RT exe file is strangely very huge. 165.884.310 B!!!

Win7 PRO 64 SP1 - 8GB - Intel i7 2600 3.4GHz


Running Win7 Enterprise SP 1 if that helps. Did an uninstall of 5.4 before installing 5.5. Also have been running RT for years with no problem. Cheers


If this is of any help, version RawTherapee_releases_5.5-rc1_WinVista_64 from gaaned92 works here fine on a Windows 7 virtual machine. (VirtualBox, host is Windows 10)

(Carmelo Dr Raw) #8

@gaaned92 I’m wondering: should one ship GDI32.DLL with the RT bundle?


Note: it concerns unicode treatment and display in Windows of unicode.

The two builds were made by me.
In dependency walker, the modules tree views fromLIBPANGOWIN32-1.0-0.DLL are the same, calling USP10.DLL which should provide the entry point.
So my 5.5-RC1 build should work on W7.

In the automatic build, GDI32.DLL is directly called by LIBPANGOWIN32-1.0-0.DLL so I understand why it doesn’t work on W7.


As GDI32.DLL is not the same for W7, W8 and W10 (different entry points) I am not sure it is a good idea.

I suppose the version of LIBPANGOWIN32-1.0-0 is old or not correctly built. As it doesn’t call USP10.DLL for unicode but GDI32.DLL, it seems normal it doesn’t work on W7.

I can upload the pango and pangomm packages I use (mingw-w64-x86_64-pango 1.42.4-2 and mingw-w64-x86_64-pangomm 2.42.0-1) if you want.

Note: a general upgrade to W10 would be welcome :open_mouth:

(Luca) #11

I downloaded gaaned’s build again, right now, and installed it in a new folder. It’s working.
I don’t know why last night it was not working. Maybe I did too much chaos installing, reinstalling, restoring, and many other stupid things and the fail was due to myself.

It remains that the “official” build, from the RT website download page is not working.

:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I still have a fantastic machine that is working fine with Win2K and I remember how much more fine was working NT4.
So, no. I’ll move to Win10, or Win-more-than-ten, only once I’ll be brutally forced to do it.

(Carmelo Dr Raw) #12

I will try to move my build system to MSYS2 as the next step, as soon as time allows…
I guess it should be possible to install the MSYS2 packages under Linux in a custom prefix, using pacman. Then mingw-w64 must be configured to find the MSYS2 libraries and headers.


Same here. I had reported the problem in another thread. Today I downloaded gaaned’s Commit: ca6724557, build of 12/6/2018 3:08 p.m. It installed and launched without problem on Windows 7 Home Premium with Service Pack 1.

(Peter) #14

I can confirm the error. I had it 2 days ago with the version from github (carmelos link).
I extracted the zip to a different folder than my ‘in use RT’ and got the same dll error.
Then I downloaded the version from keybase (gaaned92 link) and as always extracted the exe with innoextract to its own folder (just like it’s described here https://rawpedia.rawtherapee.com/Making_a_Portable_Installation) and it worked with no problem.


Uninstalled 5.5, downloaded gaaned’s build It’s working.