RT 5.8 ubuntu appimage. lens corretion inoperative

Profiled lens correction, both Camera select and Lens select grayed out, inoperative.
Bug? Missing database?
Thnx in advance.

Hi @snikonov and welcome!
Camera used?
Lens used?
From where did you obtain RawTherapee?

Obtained from RawTherapee.com
Lens, camera - doesnt mater, no list at all.
Pentax K-1, if u think important.
In previous version could select from dropdown list kinda “Std FF camera”.
Here no listing at all.

See this thread for fixes: [SOLVED] LensFun missing in RT 5.8 Linux AppImage?

thank you. i will try.

Thanks again. Lensfun was not installed at all. Corrected; works.