RT 5.8 WB CTE bug ?!

RAW from Pentax K-70. In camera settings I set WB balance CTE.
In ZIP are DNG and output from DCU (Soft from Pentax) and RT 5.8
It is totally different on neutral settings ?!


Yes it is totally different, because RawTherapee does not emulate or replicate the behavior of Pentax’ software. DCU probably applies some ‘magic’ Pentax flavor to the image. In any case: it is very hard to compare because the JPEG also has some tone curve applied to it.

DXO 11 also has the same problem…
CTE WB balance is problematic for all soft without Pentax DCU?

It may not be the white balance that is the problem, the problem could be the color calibration that is applied. These can be very different in different programs (Adobe, DxO, RawTherapee, darktable, Pentax DCU, …). This is not a problem, this is a matter of proper profiling (see here for a detailed explanation http://rawpedia.rawtherapee.com/How_to_create_DCP_color_profiles).

If you have a color target (like an X-Rite Color Checker or similar), you could shoot the target and upload the DNG. This could determine if there is really something wrong with the white balance or not.

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Although your sources do not mention it, the CTE feature is almost certainly something that only works for the in-camera JPEGs, not the RAW files. It is a Pentax specific processing feature.

This work in DNG too in Pentax DCU soft (this is fork of Silkypix ?) .
DNG has embed jpg in this mode. If You not open DNG in preview RT , You can see different image miniature. Try clear preview cache RT and You can see it.

Please try open my DNG in Silkypix?

Just a test:

RT neutral + Camera WB

RT neutral + the old auto WB

RT neutral + Auto WB temperature correlation

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My screenshots just were about white balance using neutral profile in RT (because your topic was about WB in RT). Curves and contrast do not interest me for this topic for the same reason.

WB in RT have more orange? and in DCU have more yellow?

How enable this in RT 5.8?
I don’t see this option in RT…

It’s in RT dev builds, not in RT 5.8 afair