RT 5.9 color management does not work in MacOS

Hi all, I installed the new release RT 5.9 and noticed that the color management does not work. I have a wide gamut display, colors are incorrect in RT 5.9, they are oversaturated.

I uninstalled 5.9 and reinstalled 5.8 again, it is all good with RT 5.8. Programs are running in M1 Mac mini, MacOS 11.7.4.

As I know in MacOS, you do not need to do anything in color management settings. I tried to do something in 5.9 this time, nothing changed.

Does anyone have the same issue?

What type of monitor are you having trouble with?

It is NEC PA242w in native ( full ) color gamut mode.

I’m on a MacBook Pro. I see the same issue with the built-in wide-gamut monitor. Images are over saturated in RT 5.9’s preview but the exported photos are correct. I tried it in RT 5.8 and everything looks fine.

Wondering how the release-5.10 branch looks on those screens… here is a link to my most recent build, RawTherapee_macOS_13.3_Universal_5.9-452-g88b0a5e45:

FWIW, I was having similar issues but they magically got fixed when I installed the dev version, I’ve been using the dev version since.

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Hi Richard, the iCloud link leads to RawTherapee_macOS_13.3_Universal_5.9-448-gb2606673e and RawTherapee_macOS_13.3_Universal_5.9-452-g88b0a5e45

I installed the former and it works great, but crashes when you scroll to magnify IF I have wavelets adjustments on the image.

But if I go into prefs>performance and set threads to 5 or 6:

the problem seems to go away.

I’m not too sure of what ‘threads’ are, and what I’ve actually done here, but it seems to work!

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Thanks, Andy. Please attach the crash report if possible.