RT And PhotoLine Crash

I have successfully used Raw Therapee and PhotoLine (https://www.pl32.com/)) together as a very powerful, low-cost workflow for several years now. In particular, I love the Wavelets tool in RawTherapee for image-wide changes, followed by PhotoLine for masked enhancements. However, when I open PhotoLine directly from RT (using “Edit Current Image in external Editor”), 2/3 times Photoline will randomly close before opening the image, without an error message.

This has been consistently been the case for the last few versions of RT (including dev releases 4.2 and current v5), with both 19.5x and 20 of PL, though it didn’t happen with the versions when I originally started using this combination. Any idea what might have changed to cause this, or how I can debug this?


ps. I’m using Windows 10 OS

@Stevod, Are you using the 32bit version of RT or 64bit? I just tested it with my 64bit portable version and PL 20.01 64bit and it seem to work fine.

Please let us know when you get a crash what exactly happens and how to reproduce the crash.

Anyway, if it’s an issue with PL then I can reach out to Gerhard Huber.


@partha, I am using 64 bit on a well spec’d laptop (Dell XPS 13with 8GB).

I have also already opened a question with Gerhard, at:
(RawTherapee & PL crash - PhotoLine Forum)

@Stevod, Can you also send us/me the DNG(s) in question?


Hi @partha, an example file is shown here:

KS2S8779.DNG (23.1 MB)

@Stevod, I opened this image in my portable gtk3 RT and then did a little editing. Then I sent it to PL 20.01. No issues on my side.

i.e. not crash?

The issue is apparently with Photoline, and I now have an updated version of Photoline which resolves the problem.

Thanks for being prepared to look at this from the Rawtherappe angle though.