RT Crashes on Exporting

Hi All,

I edited 160 photographs, yesterday. I was able to export about 40 to JPGs, but then RT crashed. Clearly, I should not have created such a large queue, but, there it is. Now even a queue of one photo crashes RT. The edits are preserved (thank goodness), but I can’t seem to export. Wondering what I should do to remedy the situation.

(I can submit some bug reports, if they might be helpful. RT 5.9-448-gb20606673e, MacOS 13.5.2)

A large queue is unlikely to cause any problems because images are processed one at a time. It could be that one of your edits is crashing the program. A bug report would be helpful to diagnose the issue.

Darktable user here and without necessarily a powerhouse computer either. When I edited my sister’s wedding photos earlier this year I had about 900 to export and any batch I did over 50 images would crash Darktable randomly. I’ve since only exported in batched of about 45 to get around this issue.

It is worth pointing out however that one night before bed I did export a batch of 600 photos but closed nearly every other application on my computer down before I started the export. The export was a success.

Good luck!

Hmmm, interesting idea. I will investigate. Meanwhile, where should I file the bug report, or should I just append the text here? I hesitate, as of course the darn thing is quite long.


Open an issue on our GitHub issue tracker. Instructions here: How to write useful bug reports - RawPedia

Hi Lawrence37,

Thanks for the tip: one particular imaged does seem to be causing the crashes. Removing it from the queue allowed other images to be exported. I’ve created an Issue in case it’s useful. Thanks again for the help.