RT image export to external editor

Hi all … am new to forum and RT .

Having an issue when sending the Image edited in RT to Photoshop CC 2020 .
Get an error message from Photoshop … " Could not complete your request because of a program error " !!

Any idea what does go wrong ??

Running macOS " Catalina " on a Mac Pro 2013 and latest versions of PS CC and RT .

Any help would be greatly appreciated .

Thanks and cheers Andreas

Hello and welcome! Can you export a file to TIFF without sending it to Photoshop?

Yes I can export a tif … save it !!
And from there into Photoshop…
But for sure … I like to go straight to PS .

Cheers Andreas

Yes, this is troubleshooting. Where does Photoshop try to open the file from on your hard drive? Can RT write a file there?

Hey Mica … as i am not an expert , I can’t say where PS does try to get the file from .

I normally work with Capture One … was just interested in RT .

To open in Photoshop just open preferences.
In the first tab, General, go to the external editor options at the bottom and select Custom Command Line and type or copy and paste this:

open -a “Adobe Photoshop 2020”

Copy/Paste would perhaps be the best option.

Been using RT on Mac now for quite a while and it’s the best raw dev out there - Adobe and the others should be quaking in their boots!
If you need any more help PM me or check my YouTube channel - quite a few RT videos on there.


Hi Andy … funny to get you here !
Thanks for the answer … tried that , it does not work !!!

Already following your channel … you are a very funny guy .

BTW I know a " friend " of yours … Mr Steve K .

Thanks and cheers


Catalina has all sorts of file system restrictions… Have you granted full disk access to RT?

Yes I have done that …

BTW … tried it too on my Mac book pro with an older OS .
Get the same error message!

Can you find the file that RT writes for Photoshop to open, and make sure RT is writing that file? When you find it, try and open it in Photoshop manually.

As said earlier… I am a real “ idiot “ when it comes to such things.
No idea what files are written by RT and where they are stored .

I assume there is some folder in /tmp but I’m not sure about MacOS

Hi Andy … how can I send you a PM here ??

Regards Andreas

Click his avatar then click the message button.