RT Noise reduction tool - curve mode

I find RT’s noise reduction tool very useful in curve mode for differentially altering noise in dark and light areas.

Few clarifications requested:

In the ‘curve’ mode it displays yellow, blue and red portions on the horizontal marker (see image). How to use these and for what purpose?

There is always a dotted line in the middle - is that just to indicate the midpoint or anything else?

The default shape of the curve always appears as shown in the picture attached. So I am assuming that it does not automatically suggest areas with high noise levels. Is that right?


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You can use this to alter the curve:

Move the mouse until one of the squares gets bigger (yellow = left side, blue = right side) you can now grab it (left mouse button) and move until the curve has the smoothness you want/need.

Bit finicky at times to grab the square.

It is also a mechanism that is not limited to noise reduction. The tools that have an equalizer for example also offer this.

The red lines are just there to mark where you are on the horizontal and vertical axis.

BTW: You can also manually set these by using the Enable edition of node… button. You can also activate it by right clicking on a point:

Nothing special, just the half way-point.

This is just a somewhat sane starting point and there is no intelligence behind it. Out of the box it denoises a bit harder in the shadows.


Thanks @Jade_NL for the clear and speedy response. :slightly_smiling_face: