rt output profiles-SOLVED

in Raw Therapee 5.5, under color mgmt, the output profiles have changed. Does anyone know which profile(s) most closely resemble ProPhoto? In previous versions, Rt Large gsRGB was the match. There are several 'large" options available, but the changes have not been explained anywhere that
i have been able locate.

Update to 5.6, and see http://rawpedia.rawtherapee.com/Color_Management

I have just read the cited info in rawpedia and it seems to me that it contradicts itself:

The effects the output profile has on the image cannot be seen in the preview.

The soft-proofing feature is dedicated to simulating printer rendering. It lets you preview what your image will look like when printed, assuming you use a printer profile which correctly simulates your printer and paper combination. For best printout quality, after you have tweaked your photo using soft-proofing,…

How do you “tweak” the photo if the preview doesn’t show the effects of the output profile or your edits? I’m confused; help.

Thanks @mikesan, I’ll revise that at some point.

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rt user andy astbury provided a link to download the profles. i successfully installed them. i’ll keep 5.5 for a bit longer. i’ll get the interface changes later.

i think this thread can be closed. i’m not aware of how to close it.

We don’t close threads. You can add [solved] to the title if you’d like.