RT: pp3 output profile

(Francois Edelin) #1

Hello everyone,

Can one explain to me what is the difference between,

  • the pp3 side car file created during RAW processing
  • the pp3 out generated during the jpeg file generation

Is there any way to deacivate pp3 output generation ?

Thank you in advance

(Francois Edelin) #2

Auto update :slightly_smiling_face:
To deactivate pp3 output generation, uncheck the box “record output parameter…” in the processing tab…

(Andrew) #3

…however, the “out” pp3 is useful in case you subsequently want to tweak your jpeg - it has all the settings you used and can be quickly loaded. The “raw file” pp3 has the most recent settings so will be different if you’ve since played with the raw file.

(Francois Edelin) #4

Thanks for the info Andrew, I now get the picture when output pp3 can be useful.