RT Problem: Nikon Z8 w/ Z50mm 1.8S lens

The latest RT 5.10-274 version I d/l this morning from Beep6581/RawTherapee on Github has a problem displaying photos generated from my Nikon Z8 and its Z50-1.8S lens. Looking at my archives none of the photos from other cameras from years ago have this problem; it looks specific either to the Z8 or with this particular Z8/lens combination. I don’t have any other lens for this camera so I can’t say that this lens is part of the problem or not.

Running on Windows 11 Home with all the latest updates. Display adapter is an NVidia RTX3060 with a very recent update.

I have RT (version 5.10-274), ART (version 1.22.1-Skylake), DxO, Ansel, darktable, Faststone, XNView, XNViewMP, and Nikon NX Studio.

I always shoot in uncompressed RAW and process mostly either with DxO if the light and exposure are both reasonably good, or with RT if the light is horrible and/or the photo needs some extensive editing to correct weird color or needs special kinds of local edits. The output file is almost always a jpg.

Z8 RAWs processed either in RT, ART, or DxO (didn’t try any of the others) output jpg’s that won’t display properly in RT. Curiously, ART has no display problem at all so something has recently gone cattywampus in RT.

Here’s what it looks like in RT. Going from left to right is the jpg from DxO, then ART, then RT, then the RAW photo.

Link to the RAW file: Dropbox

No such problem here, Win 10, the same RT version.

… until I cleared the cache, out of curiosity. Now I have this:

Jpegs from gneiss nef - D850 - are also affected, my cr2 photos not.

Cache has been generated with previous “automated build”, 5.10-237.

Just tried with the latest nVidia driver 555.99, no change, still will not display properly.

Win 11 with 5.10-240-g1aefd200d

Here the jpg

and here the .pp3
2009 Corvette Jan 2024.jpg.out.pp3 (15 KB)

I had to upgrade to 5.10-274-g4f4a3d233 to reproduce this silly “issue”, did not happen before. I only have Windows at hand.

I have RT built from latest sources on Linux. It fails to display JPEG generated from this raw file and also from my Nikon Z6. But JPEGs from Sony A7IV are displayed just fine.

Same thing with much older D500 photo. So it looks to be a NEF-specific issue, introduced with last commits, on Linux and Windows. Metadata related? - After deleting all metadata but ICC profile (sRGB), RT can normally create the thumbnail and open the jpeg, as expected.

I see., there is indeed a problem. It looks like that jpegs from 16.09.2023 are still good. From 24.09.2023 they look bad now. Not just the thumbnail, but also the full picture.

RawTherapee thinks it’s a raw file and tries to decode it as such. Probably introduced in Add ability to import JXL images by xiota · Pull Request #6367 · Beep6581/RawTherapee · GitHub.

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Potential fix: Change order of image/raw loading to generate thumbnails by xiota · Pull Request #7104 · Beep6581/RawTherapee · GitHub

Don’t forget to clear cache before testing.

Recompiled, cleared the cache, and it didn’t change anything

The PR isn’t merged yet, so you would have to build the branch it’s based on or patch before rebuilding. Easiest would be to use the artifacts listed at the end of the PR page. Click the link that says “Show all checks”.