RT, Transform, Scaling, proposal to add two options "Long" and "Short" axes

While preparing pictures for development with the “Queue” option I freqently use the oprion to scale processed pictures. Currently it is required to use different settings for landscape and portrait oriented pictures to achieve the same resolution. Length or Height must be set explicitly to the required value.
The proposal ist to add one option (or one and a half) to allow setting the length for the “Long Axis” (+ “Short Axis” would be the half new option). This would allow to make this setting once in one profile and to apply this setting to all profiles in one folder using the CRTL/A key to select all and using then “Profile operations” > “Paste - partial” (CRTL + Shift + V) option. Would be very handy!

I use bounding box 3000x3000 all the time which is basically “long axis = 3000”. Isn’t that exactly what you want?

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This is correct

No, for a square format the long and short axes ar equal. Such it is the same to use Height or Width.
My proposal is to allow setting a values for the long axis of the target, e. g. 2500, which should result in a 2500 x 1667 Pxs picture in landscape orientation or a 1667 x 2500 Pxs picture in portrait orientation. The resolution in both is identical.

I think you misunderstand the bounding box option. If you set a bounding box of 2500 x 2500 your image will be fitted into that box. In other terms, the long axis will always be 2500, no matter if portrait or landscape.

You’re right! Setting the bounding box to equal values for Height and Width has exactly the required result.
Nice to learn that! Thanks!