Running darktable on a 32-bit system


This may have been discussed before (there’s a blogpost on Darktable’s home page describing the various issues regarding running the software on a 32-bit system), but I have a specific issue that I haven’t been able to find any information about, so I’m trying my luck here.

The developers make clear that there are lots of problems associated with running the program on a 32-bit system. I too am experiencing some of this (for instance I am not able to see thumbnails of photos).

But the most annoying issue for me by far seems to have nothing to do with my system, but rather a feature (possibly a bug?) of the program. Every time I open a new image or switch between lightroom/darkroom/other I get the same warning message:

So in a typical 30 minute session of editing photos, I’ll have to confirm my desire to suffer at least 15-20 times. Has anyone else experienced this when running the program on a 32-bit computer?

(Alberto) #2

I think you can get rid of that by setting


in darktablerc. At least, that used to work the last time I tried on a
32-bit machine (a while ago). However, that will just give you a placebo, the
suffering will still be there…

(Tobias) #3

Do you really have still a 32 bit machine?


Thanks for the suggestion. I tried to change it from false to true and save the file, but the message still appears as before upon restart.


Yes. I wouldn’t have used the 32-bit version unless I had to. My current laptop was bought in 2012, it ran the latest version of Lightroom until recently with no other “suffering” than slow processing (which I can live with). Until I buy a new computer I guess I’m stuck with RawTherapee, unless I go back to Windows.

(Morgan Hardwood) #6

If someone sold you a 32-bit laptop in 2012, sue them.


Well I’ll be damned.

This thread is turning out to be somewhat of an embarrassment, although it’s well worth it considering the result. My cpu is indeed 64bit. Can’t believe how I managed to conclude it was 32-bit when I formated it some weeks ago… Will format my computer and install the 64-bit version of darktable, then…



You have to close dt, then edit the file and only after that is done you may start dt again. If you edit the config while darktable is running you are wasting your time – when shutting down darktable overwrites that file again.

(João Almeida) #9

Wise decision that will save you some headaches :smiley: My 8 year old desktop that’s still my main workstation for darktable (gotta love linux :wink: ) is probably running 64 bit OSes since 2012.