Runs out of ink...

I just noticed that a certain printer manufacturer
has commissioned Usain Bolt to say something
nice about their line of products.

Just fill and chill, Usain is supposed to have said.

I thought that testimonials from celebrities were really passé.
And, if used, at least they’d promote a product
that had some link to the celebrity.

What would be a suitable connection to Usain?
The sprinter and his printer?, or
Runs out of ink faster than I?

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden


I saw ads with Bolt promoting Ecotanks, and those do not run out of ink very fast (I have one), so the right answer must be your first slogan. Not bad ! :smile:

To paraphrase an older American television ad series, “I’m not an expert but I’m paid to convince you I am …”

*sigh* …

It’s a shame he’s retired; I was going to ask him if he could promote my new range of actioncams by strapping one to the back of his head at the next Olympics — the slogan was going to be “BetzyCam! We leave the competition in the starting-blocks!” as we see his rivals slowly fade away behind him in a wonderful mix of dust and bokeh. :wink:

pretty fitting, only runs 200 meters before it pants out…