RW2 files turn pink? Help! Thanks

(Kendal) #21

My computer is having issues opening that, the Panasonic one. I’m trying again but I can’t seem to find it when I search in rawtherapee.

So is there anything I can do about my camera so that it shows me what it’s actually shooting? It’s frustrating to look on my iPhone app while shooting, and on the camera, and even seeing the RW2 files when I’m importing, and think they’re fine, when they’re actually not.


What do you mean with “that”. If you mean the …pp3 file, this is not a picture, it’s a file which contains all processing steps @Morgan_Hardwood has done to make the picture look like this.
Open YOUR picture and load the “P1020405.RW2.pp3” file by clicking on the “Load Profile” button.

(Morgan Hardwood) #23

Probably not. It’s not a professional camera, and even those lie. But that shouldn’t stop you from taking great photos. What you can do is shoot several bracketed test shots in different lighting conditions and compare the embedded JPEG to the real raw data which RawTherapee shows you, to learn how much your camera ‘lies’ and how much you should over-expose, and whether this difference is always the same or whether it changes depending on the light conditions.

Setting your camera to its most neutral settings may help, a tiny bit.

P.S. I am talking about minimizing noise in the real raw data, not about getting it to match the thumbnail or embedded preview.

(Stefan Chirila) #24

off topic but congrats on the setup/poses/styling :slight_smile: looking great!

(Ilias Giarimis) #25

Nothing strange with the RAW data … normal 12bit file with White Level at 4095 (according to exif). Although indeed a 3 stops underexposure is present !!.
It would be interesting if we had the same frame/same settings but with a bright light source (a lamp or your smartphone’s display open and bright) included in one of the corners to see where exactly the RAW data clipping occurs … to be sure that it’s not a hidden 10bit mode …

But … given that the scene is a low DR one, and the -0.33EV detting selected, the low exposure selected by GX80 auto mode looks reasonable (it’s like with scenes with snow where all Cameras underexpose by around 2 stops).

What is strange is the jpeg brightening. I could not detect any strange setting (iDR) in exif … but it must be something about this (the settings about jpeg rendering) … maybe a “auto levels” setting is ON …

(David Bridges) #26

Have you tried opening it in another software? Try like this: and see if it is a file issue, or it is damaged maybe.

(Mica) #27

Hi @David_Bridges, we generally like to solve our problems with free and open source software, so that our solutions are repeatable and sharable with constraints. Thus, many here will find that Corel After shot Pro, while I’m sure is a fine product, is not acceptable.

(Kendal) #28

Sorry, I disappeared for a long time. Thanks for the suggestions… I’ve just been sticking to converting to DNGs and using them and I suppose it’s going OK. :stuck_out_tongue: