Ryzen 7 5700U OpenCL performance with Darktable on Linux

Hello everybody.
I searched the forums without finding conclusive answer.
I’m planning to buy a Linux laptop, I’m leaning towards a Slimbook Pro X / KDE.
It has a Ryzen 7 5700U CPU with integrated GPU.
I’m going to install Arch Linux or Manjaro on it.
I couldn’t find decisive answer about OpenCL on this GPU.
First, does OpenCL work at all?
Secondly, how fast will it be?
Right now, on my desktop PC, I managed to find a Quadro P2200 with 5GB of RAM that runs quite well, much faster than my old i5 4690 it runs on. I can accept inferior performances out of a notebook, of course…
Is a Ryzen CPU/GPU combo worth the hassle or it’s better to steer towards an Intel CPU/GPU? Or the CPU is enough for smooth editing?


Could you just put Linux on any laptop… looking quickly at Dell I see a better spec’d machine for around the same money or maybe less…

Nvidia discrete GPU and better CPU??

What you say is true, but I’m trying not to give any single € to microsoft, if I can avoid it, though I’m aware I’m going to spend more.

Thanks, by the way

Find out the exact AMD GPU. Arch does package the rocm opencl stack that usually works with darktable. You may have to use a specific rocm version depending on the GPU and/or distribution.

The alternative is the amdgpu-pro package, but I’m unsure about the Arch support.

Main issue with Laptops with dedicated AMD GPU is the terrible battery life and kernel crashes when amdgpu power management is used. Only kernel 6.0+ and BIOS updates seem to improve the situation somewhat.

The performance is great though.

“The integrated GPUs in AMD APUs are not officially supported targets for ROCm.”

I have a 5700G desktop with 16gb memory and it also has a 12gb Nvidia GPU card. Recently fedora updated rocm and the AMD GPU started “working” again. I processed an image with CPU, Nvidia only and AMD GPU only for you to compare. It was a JXL export with 2 D&S modules. I’m using fedora 37 KDE X11.

I suggest getting a machine with a dedicated GPU and for now Nvidia.


I have a dual boot system running windows 11. I did all the windows updates and used the same image to export under the same xmp/export settings but under windows. The AMD drivers do work on windows. This was using 4.2.0 (release).

Fedora is a bit faster. The AMD integrated GPU did help, but not by much.

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I admire your stance wrt MS but life is too short. For this task get the most bang for your money you can. I imagine MS make more money selling/using data they collect like all platforms ie google FB etc… If you run Linux then your not giving MS any data…at least that supports your cause😀

I have a dell vostro 5515 with this processor and 16gb of ram with fedora 37 and a lenovo workstation with a ryzen 5 and a Nvidia quadro card.
With the Ryzen 7, opencl is not activated, not enough vram in my case.
Is Darktable fluid yes no worries on this side, no noticeable difference, except maybe with big treatments like the diffusion module or sharpness with many iteration. But most of the time, no difference the ryzen 7 has more cores than the 5.
In the exports, there is a difference, it is a bit longer on the laptop than on the workstation where opencl is activated. But on the laptop the big exports are also slowed down by the temperature rise and the frequency reduction, that I don’t have on the workstation.

Here is if it helps you

I’m not going to post my system specs here because no one would believe me (let’s just say my main bit of kit is around 15 years old).

You really don’t need a high-end system when it comes to image processing and editing with Linux (that is, not unless your needs are particularly demanding); Rawtherapee, GIMP and the like perform brilliantly on just about anything.


Well, on Lenovo website there are models where I can select Ubuntu or even no OS, and in this case they indeed deduct 60 € against Win 11 Home and 120 € against Win 11 Pro, which is convenient because you can divert that money elsewhere.
By the way, I noticed that Lenovo tend to solder the RAM, this is ridiculous…

Thanks to everybody, real life experiences are very useful, I have more elements to make a decision. Then the hard part will be to convince my wife that if she want to regain some space, she can’t be cheap…

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Ya Dell has those too… there wasn’t a big selection to choose from so likely Lenovo is better…. A couple of our staff have the legion gaming laptops from them and they are very happy with them