Sadness: In Ubuntu 19.04, I Can't Drag Images To rawproc To Open Them, Anymore...

Upgraded to Ubuntu 19.04 recently, and now when I drag an image file from a Files window or Geeqie to my rawproc desktop shortcut, the little folder thingee just flies back to the image’s icon. Google did not render wisdom for this, looking for a solution, or at least insight…


Are you perchance using KDE?
Google may not work, but Duckduckgo does:

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Claes in Lund, Sweden

Are you sure you weren’t d&ding from the desktop? It should work fine from the Nautlus/Files.

The short version is that Gnome removed desktop icons. Ubuntu added them back with an extension. The extension doesn’t allow you to drag from nautilus to the desktop. I believe I read that the author of the extension stated it would take changes to mutter(the window manager of gnome) to allow that to happen.

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Yes, and you can’t drag from the desktop to any other app atm.

That sounds about right; i couldn’t find any bug reports on it. So. I may have to start contributing to (or fork?) mutter…

Here is some information for reference.

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