Samsung SM-G970F dng files: wrong colors raw

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im on ver5.5 win10x64
please say me whats going with the colors and how to do fix it? or it some bug with only my camera raw?
i put screenshot to show how colors different from another soft, (DNG_Profile_Editor also PS)
so in DNG_Profile_Editor and PS i have real colors like it must be with my corrected profile.
i was think if i correct profile inside it and load into RawTherapee it will be good
but RawTherapee do colors very bleached, and not real as it is…
if i setup DCP illuminant in 2850 it become more same at all, but have a big problems in understanding red channel…
i try to change all options that i light up in red frame in attached pic, also try to change WB, but nothing change it atleast near to normal colors…
please help me
p/s i dont use any settings for this step, and load it in (neutral)


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I looked at your DNG and your JPG, and I see the colors are different, but I don’t think the differences are huge. Also, I think this is completely expected behaviour, because different RAW editors work differently. You should not expect identical colours in RawTherapee as in Photoshop.

Also, on a side note: don’t put sRGB as your working profile, because you will limit your color gamut greatly.


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is different is huge becouse is not real colors…it very far hue and saturation from real, and when it comes to something more complicated like human eyes or skin, it have more problems…
i understand that different editors works different, but if i put color profile i wanna see profile colors…
anyway i love setup all details etc in Rawtherapee, but it real problem to setup colors becouse i see reference, it so far from real, i dont wanna lose my converting setup but it makes me vary sad, any solution for this case?

also as i said i try to change all, also working profile, but in this case is change nothing.


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also i was found it ignore all profile settings i do in DNG_Profile_Editor…
so atleast if there some software that can do profile like DNG_Profile_Editor but RawTherapee will accept it. maybe will be some “solution”…

upd. it was a RawTherapee bug, it not renew profile if new have same name as loaded one. even if change between profiles in chekboxes.
but I spent about an hour blindly adjusting the color so that the RT displays what I need … it’s very sad…


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  1. Your DCP might not be compatible with RawTherapee (don’t know for sure).
  2. Take and upload a raw photo of a normal outdoors scene lit by daylight.
  3. Do you have a color target?
  4. You can make color adjustments in the L*a*b* tool, h=f(h) curve.

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  1. How can I check this and what can I do to fix it?
  2. in "the normal outdoors scene lit by daylight "you don’t see a reference in front of your eyes. And you can’t know what exactly the HSL (hue and color) was in the leaves, skin and so on … .
    But even in such a scene, if I take a photo from the window i can see monitor and original in same time, I see that colors, HSL have deviations… in DNG_Profile_Editor I can fix it quickly and easily, but RT does not accept these profiles, it donot understand colors inside it correctly and I do it blindly …
  3. not yet.
  4. it is a little more difficult than setting up a profile, and if I’m not mistaken, this is processing after the raw , and the profile is before.



As your second photo is overexposed, some DNG data are clipped (mainly house walls and sky ).
So to recover some data, I just underexposed in RT by 1/2 EV and clicked Highlight reconstruction and choose color-propagation method.

You can get more information at

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dont you see that you get pink sky and cables? it gray
also wall too
and as i said above “if PS and DNG editor can back gray little cloud, so RT cant back anything…like it lost forever on jpg.”
i put also what i get in your method but more EV to show that is in vain

p/s, as well as of course, me too i can adjust the result with treatments …
but we talking about a neutral initial result, I can not spend hours just to bring each scene in neutral, removing the problems of incorrect color development …


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I changed the topic title to be more informative


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@dssdd Usually it takes some time to get support for new cameras. Samsung SM-G970F was released a month ago…



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Yes of course.
but someone needs to inform the developer. I just hope that there will be support, because it may not be there at all, maybe for some reason will not want to add it.
or maybe it is not camera support problem, bc DNG editor is 2012year and my PS upd is not last…so im cant know reason…
I just hope that the developer will answer me positively and it will not take several years =)

ps hgjhgjh what is it?


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The equivalent to dssdd dsdsd :wink:

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That top right section of sky and cables is very overexposed so not unusual to get pink/purple when recovering detail. In RT (different versions) I used EV at -3 to get reasonable compromise. Then took it into an external editor to apply a graduated filter which seems to be what you need to do. Grad filter applied quickly without accuracy.


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and every new body:
we not talking here about coloring …
i can do any editing…
if you read topic better you can see that “not unusual”, is unusual bc
“PS and DNG editor can back gray little cloud”
and its real colors…no pinks no editings.
and the first one img with Kb is shows how colors far from real…
is not topic about “how to correct photo”, is about “why colors wrong and how to solve this” but solve not by general correcting…
please stop posting your coloring skills…thank you.


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Sorry @dssdd, but you don’t get to control how people respond. They are, after all, just trying to help you obtain a nice looking photo from what you’ve posted. These are people kind enough to take time out of their day to try and directly help you. We have zero paid support staff.

That being said, it seems this camera isn’t supported in RT yet, so you should work with @heckflosse, a developer of RT, to get that support added.


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i can do any work that i can if he ask me to help

also i wrote “maybe it is not camera support problem, bc DNG editor is 2012year and my PS upd is not last…so im cant know reason…”
maybe is reason that no one dev say nothing about will they do support or not or this is different problem.

p/s since you moderator can you lock this topic to reply here only devs and me?
bc i understand that people will come and can do nothing with this, bc is devs topic…
thank you

if i can do something let me know. I will help with everything. thats why am I here
or at least will it be solve after or a problem in another and better not wait?


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@dssdd, if the software doesn’t have the color primaries for your camera, the colors won’t look right. I just tried to open your second raw file in my software, which uses both the dcraw and RawTherapee camera data, and your camera wasn’t found.

To the pink colors, first here’s the histogram of your second image, data right out of the DNG file with no processing other than a conversion from integer to floating point 0.0-1.0


That green line at the right is your camera’s saturation point, where it can no longer record a valid light intensity. It’s a green line because the green channel is in front. The pixels counted there can no longer express the measured tone, or the asserted color, from the scene, they’re just arbitrarily white. Both the software you came from and RawTherapee can engage algorithms that make up pixels that look nice instead of flat white, but in terms of what the scene contained there’s no data.

Further, when white balance correction is applied, the three channels shift accordingly, and that single spike becomes three separate ones, and the pink shade is because the green channel is the left-most spike and the other two are close or at the right. Software usually scales the image so they all three go back to saturation, or it does some “reconstruction” trick.

I think these two things describe why your colors are off.


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thank you
It looks logical that the software does not support the camera.
I thought so too at first. but as I already wrote another software is much older, and also can not have camera support …
and not only in that photo where the sky is gray, not pink,
but also regarding the profile editor, the RT does not understand the profiles made by it, and this is also a problem, because I can not even manually correct them.

anyway, I just want to get an off answer from the developers, if it’s really problem only in camera support, or not, and help them to more speedy implementation of it if I can.


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You’re looking at this the wrong way. Developers add support when users provide the sample images necessary to do so or when a user requests it.


(dsdsd) #21

it is good if it like this! ill do provide of any specific samples if i can.
but i cant know problem from start…