San Giorgio at the golden hour

A classic Venetian landscape. I’m still not sure about the crop… what do you think? Thanks in advance!


Beautiful! A great example of golden hour light. I would think a panoramic type crop would be good. Also, maybe desaturate the water a little as well as brighten up the land on the right just a bit.
Update: I was hoping you would post the raw for this but I guess that’s not going to happen. This is what I was thinking of doing.

Another update:
DSC08662.ARW.xmp (9.7 KB)
DSC08662_01.ARW.xmp (9.7 KB)

I’d go to something more like a 4x5 crop and eliminate the landmass at the right-- no light is hitting it and it isn’t adding anything to your composition.

Nice photo. I would cut out the right building to make the boat and buildings bigger. Moreover I would bring the tower into the rule of thirds.

[Edit: Moreover I would remove that little black dot above the center building]


Thanks everybody for the feedback!

This is one of the alternative crops that I tried. Somehow, I felt it was too tight. But looking at it again, maybe you are right… thanks!

Could you please post the full image without any 16:9 crop?

Sure, I’ll post the raw later tonight

I totally forgot about this, sorry! Here’s the raw.
DSC08662.ARW (23.8 MB)
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Thank you Alberto for sharing the raw file. I couldn’t pass on processing an image from Venezia.
Here’s my version (trying to keep the sense of sun setting and night coming):