Save, save as, export - Photoshop now following Gimps lead (almost)

I just read an article that Photoshop has redone it’s save options. You can no longer “save as” in a format that doesn’t support the contents of the file. Layers for instance. It’s unclear to me if you can still “save” a file you opened as a jpeg.

I really didn’t like, and still don’t, the stricter save, save as, export functionality introduced in Gimp a couple of years ago but now it seems Adobe is following suit. I always found it was overly handholding and prevented a smooth workflow for quick adjustments to jpegs etc. Adjusting curves in 20 images becomes a lot more cumbersome when you can’t just save the file.

Anyway it looks like Adobe is now following suit!

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In GIMP, the file drop down there is the Overwrite option. This only shows up once you have loaded an image. That should smooth things out for you.