Save unclipped images

(Morgan Hardwood) #1

The “Unclipped” processing profile (introduced in RawTherapee 5.6) allows one to save an image in a way which preserves data across the whole tonal range, including clipped shadows and highlights, thus allowing for strong exposure adjustments and dynamic range compression of the saved file while retaining detail in the shadows and highlights. This may be desired not only for scientific purposes but also when the saved image is destined for further manipulation and the final exposure is yet unknown, such as can be the case when stitching panoramas which require exposure adjustments so that images seamlessly blend into one another.

You can find the profile here (click on “Raw” to download):

Östraby Mill - After Sunset
Astro photo, how to preserve as much data as possible?
(Glenn Butcher) #2

Unclipped. A much better choice than the other U-word… :smile:

Just finished describing such in a dpreview thread. Your Östraby Mill - After Sunset is a great example of such a workflow.

(Morgan Hardwood) #3

Glad some good came of it :slight_smile:

(Andrew) #4

The 5.6 roadmap item suggests end of this month for 5.6

I couldn’t see how to simply get the pp3 file so I put the 20-odd lines in a text file and saved it. It loads ok into RT. It turns all the tools off (with Fill button pressed) - I presume that’s the idea?


Convenient. I appreciate the bat-cat.

(Ingo Weyrich) #6

I always thought, only german language would use such long sentences :slight_smile:


The translation to German actually results in sentences with fewer words:

Theunclippedprocessingprofileintroducedin RawTherapee5.6 allowsonetosaveanimageinawaywhichpreservesdataacrossthewholetonalrange,includingclippedshadowsandhighlightsthusallowingforstrongexposureadjustmentsanddynamicrangecompressionofthesavedfilewhileretainingdetailintheshadowsandhighlights.

Thismaybedesirednotonlyforscientificpurposesbutalsowhenthesavedimageisdestinedforfurthermanipulationandthefinalexposureisyetunknown suchascanbethecasewhenstitchingpanoramaswhichrequireexposureadjustmentssothatimagesseamlesslyblendintooneanother.


(Ingo Weyrich) #8

Which translation?


Haha sorry Ingo. That’s my sad attempt at linguistic humor.

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Following the “unclipped” link I see the same batcat.jpg picture used four times in the examples, methinks something is wrong there.

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Bat-Cat - placeholder images while I find time to take proper screenshots :wink: