Saving image coloring as a preset for other images.

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Hey everyone,

So is there a way to save coloring on an image, so that it can be applied to multiple images from a shoot?

Maybe i want to alter the lightness, adjust some level and maybe a few other things. is there any way to save this so it can then be applied to other images?



The way to do it is via There used to be but I don’t think it works with version 2.10; you might have to modernize the plugin. Honestly, I haven’t tried using either, but I hope this helps.


Or G’MIC if you’re so inclined to try translating your GIMP edits into there.

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Hey thanks, I’ll give the scripting a go, I’m not able to use gmic as I can’t get it to work on gim 2.10 on Ubuntu.


@Bp_Tec Plenty of people would be willing to help you with G’MIC (GUI or scripting) if you need it. Let us know. :wink:

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Hey all, so Im still struggling with this issue. I tried BIMP, but this does not really do what I need. I also looked at the gimp scripting, but again this just wont work. What I really need is a way to visually see my color changes, then save them as a preset. I happy to use an external package for this, but i need to be able to edit GIMP files, or Tiffs, etc.

How do others manage this issue? I’m sure people need to keep a consistent look to images after a big shoot. This is real easy to do in Photoshop, I just thought that someone from the opensource community would have also wanted to do this in an efficient way.

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It sounds like you want to make a custom LUT, then apply it. I think ideally you would do this in the raw processing phase, not in the pixel editing phase. Both darktable and RawTherapee can apply a LUT. You can also apply a LUT in the G’MIC gimp plugin.

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Hmm, ok i can try going back into rawtherapee after my main edit as see if this works… I really wish I could get G’MIC working but its just seems to be a no go on Ubuntu.

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The only problem with using Rawtherapee is that is doesnt see the XCF files created by Gimp, so I need to export then apply the custom filters… maybe this is the only way to do it, i will try dark table and see if that works any differently.

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Ok so same issue with Darktable as with Rawtherapee.
If anyone has got G’MIC to work with ubuntu I would be grateful for any help.


If you want a gmic_gimp_qt that works with Gimp 2.10.10 in ubuntu 18.04 (bionic) then there is one here.

Back to your first post “…Maybe i want to alter the lightness, adjust some level and maybe a few other things…” I think gmic colour curves are better than regular Gimp. Any other tweaking and easily saved as a “Fav(ourite)” to be recalled as required. Also easy to put several effects into a script-fu. I have a template if you need it.

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Rich thanks so much. I’ll see if I can get working with gmic from the link you sent, and I would certainly be interested in the template for scriptfu.

My understand (which may be wrong), is that, it is impossible to make visual alterations in gimp, then save the settings to a script. If there is a way to export the applied settings to a script then this would be perfect.

All the best


Certain tools contain histories and presets. Maybe you could combine them with script-fu…

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Hey thanks so much for this, qmic now working perfectly and I can set my custom colors. if you can pass me the script template I will also try to get a bit more acquainted with it.

Cheers everyone…


afre correctly pointed out that several filters can save pre-sets. Not all can be scripted, I think levels can but color curves not, for example.

However they might work for you individually.

In the mean time, I put some of these options together in a short video. duration 7 minutes.

Contents: Regular Gimp pre-sets - gmic_gimp Fav(orit)e - gmic log file - Gimp gmic shell script

script zipped, unzip put in ~/.config/GIMP/2.10/scripts

best of luck.

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Hey Rich2005, thank you so much, this is exactly what I needed, and the video shows it perfectly. Thanks for taking the time and sharing your knowledge…


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Hey Rich, quick question.

In your video you have the G’Mic shell, I dont seem to have this, I only have g’mic QT. How can i get the gmic shell so that I can do the scripting?


That is the zip file from my storage account on pCloud in the previous post. Unzip it, put in your scripts folder ~/.config/GIMP/2.10/scipts

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Got it, thanks Rich! Absolutely perfect tutorial, this really helps me move to a fully opensource workflow… I owe you a beer :wink: