Saw Raw doesn't support CR2 files? And How do I add my water mark?

Hello, I am very new so new that I just downloaded rawtherapee. I am use to editing in Adobe Photoshop Elements. So, most of my photo’s are in CR2 file format due to I did not know about cameras back when I was taking these pics. So I am guessing until I am done with those file formats. I am suck with Adobe Photoshop Elements Also, how do I add my watermark? It’s in a png formate. Such as the ones on these images. IMG_1260|690x460

Hope someone can help thank you.

CR2, one of the Canon raw formats, is supported. If you’re new, I suggest you read over the documentation,

You can not and really do not want to modify your CR2 files.

you can only add your watermark to png/jpeg/tif/… format after editing.

also it wasnt needed to upload a 38MB file for this.

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You can see some programs that will watermark your image here:

darktable is missing on that list :wink:


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It’s really not that serious to complain about me posting a pic. All I was doing was posting an example.

Anyway, to the rest thank you for the help.

When you joined the forum you might have seen this thread on top of the forum:


I did not see that post. So, sorry about that.